WOD 17.6

Monday Clean 1RM Metcon:For time400m run12-9-6 squat clean 60/40push up400m run Time cap: 9 min Tuesday Pull ups and/or HSPU 3 x ME (rest 1:30-2:00 between attempts) 40-30-20KBS 24/16wall ballabmat

WOD 10.6

DELOAD WEEK Monday 2-position clean; above knee + high hang (focus on speed of getting under the bar) work with light loads for 20mins Metcon:800m easy run5 T2B15 back squat

WOD 3.6

Monday 2-position clean;floor + hang – 85+% of 1RM (5 sets) Metcon:30 T2B30 wall ball20 T2B20 squat clean 50/3510 T2B10 thruster 50/35 Tuesday EMOM 9:1: 3-5 strict HSPU2: 40-60 DU3:

WOD 27.5

Monday 2-position clean; floor, hang5 heavy sets (80-85%% of 1RM) Metcon:“Torille”EMOM 5:8 hang squat clean 40/30burpees over bar for remaining timeRest 1:00EMOM 5:6 burpees over barthrusters 40/30 for remaining time