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Schedule for easter below:

Fri WOD (Good Friday): 7:00, 10:00, 16:00, 17:00
Sat-Sun: No classes
Mon: Normal excluding WOD 7:00&19:00 is off.


Back squat or Front squat
5 x 4 (heavier than last week)

15-20 mins for quality:
12 dual KB/DB front rack lunge (moderate weight)
20+20s side plank*
20 goblet squat 31X1
8-12 strict T2B
40s weighted wall sit or 20+20s one leg wall sit

*add DB to free hand for challenge


5 sets of pull ups: challenge yourself this week: add reps/weight.

Within 3 min
400m run
max reps kipping HSPU
Within 3 min
400m run
max reps kipping pull up
Within 3 min
400m run
max reps kipping T2B
Within 3 min
400m run
max reps DU

*Scale running distance if unable to finish between 1:45-2:15


4 sets not for time:
20 alternating DB floor press
12 heavy russian swing
:30s hollow rocking (or hold)

1 power clean
2 push press
3 burpee
4 wall ball

* find heavy but sustainable weight

Olympic: Clean


WOD (S):
5 rounds for time
20 lunges
15 air squat
10 push up
10 pull up
15 burpee
20 KBS 24/16
rest 2:00 between rounds


Good Friday WOD 7:00, 10:00, 16:00, 17:00

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