WOD 20.5

Monday 3-position clean (floor, below knee, above knee) Aim for a little heavier than last week, around 75-80% of 1RM clean. Do 5 sets. Metcon: AMRAP 8 3 thruster 40/30

WOD 13.5

New cycle: olympic weightlifting focus in strength Mon: clean complexes Tue: bodyweight strength Wed: push jerk Thu: longer metcon Fri: squat Monday 3-position clean (floor, under knee, above knee) 5 moderately heavy

WOD 6.5

TEST WEEK           Monday – Back squat or front squat 1RM Tuesday – Pull ups max reps and/or weighted pull up 1RM + metcon Wednesday – Barbell complex

WOD 29.4

DELOAD WEEK           Monday Back squat or front squat 5 x 3 @ 31X1 (light, hold strict tempo) Metcon: ~20 mins for quality 10/10 split squat

WOD 22.4

Monday Back squat or front squat 5 x 3 (heaviest possible sets) 15-20 mins for quality 10 dual KB/DB frontrack lunge (heavy) 40s single leg plank (20/20s) 20 wall ball

WOD 15.4

Schedule for easter below: Fri WOD (Good Friday): 7:00, 10:00, 16:00, 17:00 Sat-Sun: No classes Mon: Normal excluding WOD 7:00&19:00 is off. Monday Back squat or Front squat 5 x

WOD 8.4

Monday Back squat or front squat 4 x 5 (heavier than last week) Metcon: 15-20 mins for quality 12 alternating pistols (scaled to box pistols or box step up) 30s

WOD 1.4

ABOUT PROGRAMMING: Its been intense few months… After OPEN is good to take some time to rebuild base. Monday: we are still squatting. You may choose between back or front

WOD 26.3

Recovery week after CrossFit Open. Monday Back squat 4 x 5 tempo 31×1 Hold strict tempo and perfect positions Metcon: Move for 15-20 mins 7-10 wall ball 7-10 KBS 7-10

WOD 18.3

CrossFit OPEN päätösbileet lauantaina salilla! Lisätietoja löytyy facebookin members ryhmästä. Kaikki jäsenet tervetulleita!   Monday 4 sets of: 3 front squat 6 back squat rest 1:30 Heaviest possible. Metcon: 20